Fax Number

Your fax number. Now made cordless. You don’t need to see it to believe it.

With FaxMate you can send and receive faxes over the internet using your computer or mobile device. You’ll still have a fax number – you can keep the one you already have or choose one from our extensive inventory of national and international numbers – but you won’t need an actual fax machine or a fax line. Your fax number will be always online 100% of the time. Never miss a fax again!

A virtual fax number means everyone’s a winner

No Line Rental Fees

Save over $30 per month in monthly fax line rental fees.

No Busy Signals

Faxing digitally means you & your customer never get a busy signal.

No Waiting

Get your confirmations via email instead of print outs. No more waiting around for others to finish using the fax machine.

Fax Anywhere

No need for a fax machine for your fax number to work. Fax anywhere you are connected to the internet.

How It Works

NBN Ready

Get ready for the digital only NBN by moving over to digital faxing to ensure your fax services aren’t disconnected.


International Fax Numbers

Choose a local fax number from over 4,900 cities worldwide,


You can fax like its second nature. No one will ever know

While FaxMate works over the internet rather than a phone line (which means it works with the nbn™), you’ll still have a regular fax number you can give out to customers and suppliers. So nothing has to change for anyone sending you faxes or receiving faxes from you.

The Sender

Your fax sender simply sends a fax to your fax number from their fax device (any fax machine or online fax service).

You Receive

You receive the fax via your email (as an attachment), mobile app, online eFax portal or eFax desktop app.

You Send

Send a fax to anyone’s fax number using your email, mobile app, online eFax portal or eFax desktop app.

The Recipient

Your fax will arrive on your recipient’s fax device (any fax machine or online fax service) as normal.

You can keep your old fax number

One of the advantages of FaxMate is that you can enjoy all the convenience and cost savings of an online fax service without sacrificing the fax number you’ve already established for your business. We’ll transfer it to FaxMate for FREE from your existing fax number provider.

Or you can choose a new number

Don’t have a fax number? Well, we have thousands of local, national and international numbers you can choose from. In fact, we have the largest pool of fax numbers in the world. And no matter which one you choose, it will seem like a regular fax number to everyone else. And that’s because it will actually be a real fax number, but without the need to be tied to a fax line and fax machine.

Ready to get started?

Start Faxing in 2 Mins! Find the package that fits your needs.

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And then you can start faxing

With FaxMate you can be faxing in a matter of minutes. Simply choose your plan, choose your number, and you’re ready to go.

New Fax Number

  • Choose a FaxMate plan
  • Choose a fax number
  • Start faxing immediately

Transfer Existing Number

  • Fill in number porting request
  • Complete fax number application
  • Start faxing online

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get a real fax number to use with FaxMate?

Yes. Fax numbers you get from FaxMate’s inventory or transfer across from your existing Telco/Fax number provider work the same way as any other fax number. Anyone can send you faxes or receive faxes sent from your fax number. The main difference is that your fax number doesn’t need a dedicated fax line or fax machine to work. So you can send and receive faxes using your fax number anywhere using any device connected to the internet.

Can I bring my existing fax number over to FaxMate?

Of course. You can transfer your existing fax number to FaxMate for FREE. We will work with your current fax number provider to transfer your number across to FaxMate. You also won’t need to pay phone line rental fees for your fax number once it’s migrated over to FaxMate saving you up to $30 per month. Get started by filling in our number transfer form or calling 1800 329 628.

How much does it cost?

It’s free with any FaxMate plan. Choose a fax number from our vast local/international fax number inventory or transfer you existing number across to FaxMate on any eligible plan for FREE. Get started by filling in our number transfer form or calling 1800 329 628.

Can anyone send a fax to my FaxMate fax number?

Yes. You can receive faxes from any fax device and any fax service. The sender won’t even know you’re not using a traditional fax machine. Your number will look the same (you can even keep your existing fax number if you have one), and they’ll just punch it in and press Send, just as they always do.

What’s the impact on my fax number when I migrate to the nbn?

The nbn is a digital network. It’s made up of fibre optic cables that transmit digital signals. If your existing fax service/number is using the copper telephony network (analogue network), then you will experience disruption to your fax service. FaxMate can seamlessly transfer your existing fax number off the copper telephony network (which is being discontinued) and host it in the cloud. This enables you to access your faxes anywhere you have an internet (or mobile phone) connection. Sending and receive faxes using FaxMate is as simple as using your email account. FaxMate even has an easy to use mobile app which is compatible with both Apple and Android devices. Get started by filling in our number transfer form or calling 1800 329 628.

My phone lines and fax lines have just got disconnected. What now?

You should contact your current fax provider to ensure you still have ownership of your fax number. If you still do, we strongly recommend having your fax number changed to an Exchange Based Diversion to a free temporary number we can provide you, as this will ensure you do not lose your fax number while number transfer process is underway. Porting/transfer of your number can take between 3-8 weeks. At the moment we are seeing an average turnaround time of 4 weeks. Your number will continue to work during the transfer process. Call our priority line on 1300 626 329.

Can I still use FaxMate while my number is being ported/transferred?

Yes. Whilst the port of your number is in progress, we will activate your account with a temporary fax number. This means that you can enjoy the benefits of FaxMate from today. You will be able to divert your existing fax number to your temporary number and start receiving all of your faxes via email. You can also send from your temporary number, and we can assist you in changing the outgoing number so your customers will never know the difference. Get started by filling in our number transfer form or calling 1800 329 628.