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All your faxes and emails unified. Finally.

FaxMate allows you to send fax messages through your email account. This combines the quick efficiency of email with the trusted security of traditional fax messages. All major email clients including Gmail, Hotmail and Outlook are fully compatible with the FaxMate service.

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Even if you can’t get rid of faxes, you can get rid of your fax machine!

You’ll still have a fax number – you can keep the one you already have or choose one from our extensive inventory of national and international numbers – but you won’t need an actual fax machine or a fax line. That means you also don’t have any of the costs associated with fax machines – paper, toner, maintenance. You can even ditch that dedicated phone line. All you need is a computer or mobile device (and who doesn’t have one of those?), and an internet connection.

Why FaxMate

It’s NOT email, but it’s similar

eFax works in a similar way to email – you send and receive faxes over the internet with your phone or computer, using an app or website. So, just as you don’t need an ‘email machine’ to send and receive emails, you don’t need a fax machine to send and receive faxes. But people who send you faxes keep doing it with their fax machine, the same way they always have. And when you send them a fax, they receive it on their fax machine, just as they always have. Nothing changes at their end at all.


Keep your old fax number

Although FaxMate is all done over the internet (so it works with the nbn), you still have a normal fax number that people can fax to. In fact, you can keep your old number, if you have one.

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Fax like you have never before. We mean it.

Sending a fax through your email account involves three easy steps. Your recipient(s) will receive the message on their fax machine shortly, just like had you sent the message from a traditional, physical fax machine.


Recipients fax number – All you need to do is type your intended recipient’s fax number, followed by @efaxsend.com, into the “To:” field.


Upload your documents – Add attachments, just as you would to any email. They can be PDFs, MS Office files, JPEGs, or nearly 200 other file formats. We’ll convert them into fax pages for you.


Add a Cover Page – Simply type your cover page into the body of the email, or upload one of eFax’s many free templates.

Hit send, and that’s It!

Your personal fax is on its way and we’ll email you when it reaches your recipient with a confirmation receipt.

How It Works